Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures is a lecture- and workshop series that runs September 21 - December 14 on Wednesdays 15-18h, at WISP, Birger Jarlsgatan 18.

The series discusses feminist utopias/ feminist future images of a different society in feminist research, art and architecture projects, and lived utopias. Lecturers include: Karin Bradley, Ulrika Gunnarsson Östling, and Meike Schalk; Ramia Mazé & Josefin Wangel; FATALE; Ruth Morrow; MFK (Johanna Gustavsson & Lisa Nyberg); Yvonne P. Doderer; NBC (Annika Enqvist & Thérèse Kristiansson); and Annika Olofsdotter Bergström.

Sign up for the free electable course under: www.studera.nu, course code: AD236V Architecture and Gender: Introduction I (7,5 hp), or as Ph.D. course (7,5 hp), apply to: meike.schalk@arch.kth.se

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