Katarina Bonnevier
Brady Burroughs: brady[at]
Katja Grillner: grillner[at]
Meike Schalk: meike.schalk[at]


Who we are:

Katarina Bonnevier, Architect and PhD, co-founder of MYCKET. Researcher at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. Author of Behind Straight Curtains – Towards a Queer-feminist Theory of Architecture (AxlBooks 2007).

Brady Burroughs, Architect. PhD-candidate and teacher at KTH School of Architecture. Author of ”Do Bodies Matter? : Stone, water, light, skin and material performativity in Therme Vals” (Stockholm University 2007).

Katja Grillner, Architect and Professor, Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH School of Architecture. Author of Ramble, linger and gaze – dialogues from the landscape garden (KTH 2000) and co-editor of Architecture and Authorship (Black dog publishing 2007).

Meike Schalk, Architect and PhD. Assistant professor at KTH School of Architecture. Author of Imagining the Organic City – Modern Tropes of Organization (SLU, Alnarp 2007).


Lena Villner (1943-2009) was a founding member of FATALE. We miss her deeply and are grateful for our memories of her warm enthusiasm, strength, and curious spirit. Lena Villner was Accociate Professor in Architecture History, at KTH School of Architecture, the author of Tempelman: Arkitekten Olof Tempelman 1745–1816 (Stockholmia förlag 1997).