Les folies and the Incompatible Modalities Salon

FATALE prepares the Incompatible Modalities Salon:In response to the Irigaray figuration of the ”whirlwinds” caused by women diffusing ”themselves according to modalities scarcely compatible with the framework of the ruling symbolics” and the counter forces set in motion to restore ”their proper order”, FATALE invites all whirlwinders to a salon which celebrates this diffusion and its specific moments of articulation. 

The salon starts out from the conference location at the Bartlett with a walk to the Woburn Studios. At the Woburn Studios a conversational garden is shaped around ten ’fluttering follies’ each articulated by a distinct sound track, visual projection, and table-settings. What each participant brings to the scene in the form of individual clothing, body, actions, and conversational topics add to the formation and to the different nodes of talk and work formed in relation to each folly. Work produced by participants in the salon will be brought back to the Bartlett, as part of the Whirlwinds exhibition.

FATALE contributors to the Incompatible Modalities Salon are Katarina Bonnevier, Brady Burroughs, Katja Grillner, and Meike Schalk. Engaged as contributors to the event are in addition Thérèse Kristiansson from The New Beauty Council, Stockholm, and Kim Trogal and Nishat Awan, both from Lines of Flight, the Agency Research Group, University of Sheffield. 

The Incompatible Modalities Salon is a contribution to the Whirlwinds session at the conference Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics at UCL, London. Dec 3rd, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.